Hi Everyone!!

Well, the Turkey and “stuffing” is over! At a nice hard and full 155lbs… I’ve beefed up my training and staring to lift a little heavy again. Along with that comes some extra power!

Some horse back riding is in my near future, as well as maintaining my skills on the range! Dec is he month for some BEEFED UP  KAT, but ony a short time, as contest time is rolling around soon, and with the injuries healed up, its time to lean down, LEAN AND MEAN… its who I am!!

Be sure to look through new videos, and this Holiday Season, get ready for some “Special K”

Europe and Asia travels will be here soon!

Lets get KINKY!   Kat x

Hi…  from the BadKat who hasn’t posted here in a while! While the GoodKat is hard at work, making sure things get done all over the world, sometimes because of all the emails, and social media, I think, Oh no, my BIGGEST AND BEST FANS are right here….waiting to hear from ME…!

So, here it is….. I think the last post was 10-27 Oh my!!

If you have been a good fan, then you know all the other fun things Ive been up to! Yep… my Club Kink Jacksonville has been hosing EVENTS… next one is DEC 5th, info right here on the EVENTS page! Its a Foot Party, a Winter Wonderland!  If you like feet, BE SURE you get here!!

You can also follow me on @fetlife at GoodKatBadKat, KinkyMuscle and the Club Kink Jacksonville!

With all the political buzz going on, I’ve been busy keeping informed, and informing others. Ya know, someone has to keep The Donald “a- breast” of the #KINKY stuff, how else is he going to know?

ALSO… My Bedtime Stories, and all pages will be updated soon, and remember, SEND CASH if you need to get your membership discreetly, you are missing a lot if you aren’t on the “inside” of this site!

Get your fingers back on the keyboard…. go to www.kinkymuscle.com and see my latest!!

Shot today in DC. Met up with some old friends, and met an interesting new one today! I did a video shoot this evening, stay tuned for previews!!  I’m always amazed how many cool, interesting, amazing, and funny people are right there… waiting to meet! Sometimes, with a lot of travel, I get bogged down with keeping in touch, sorry!  Email me, anytime!  I LOVE hearing from you!!

2016 has a LOT of new, and EXXXCITING THINGS ahead!

Did YOU get your 2016 KINKY KALENDAR?   I’ve got a few left!!

THE NEXT 5 PEOPLE who JOIN for the 3 month membership…. I’ll send you one!  Custom made by one of my great fans! I have 5 left!!

And YES… I have updated my Amazon wish list for those who have asked me to… Lots of fun stuff! Remember… XXX Mas is coming…. and you should be too! Take GOOD care of your Goddess!!

HUGS and SQUEEZES.. Kat xxx


I’m still enjoying the warm European weather in Nice. Those who know me, know its one of my favorite places!

Managing my time at favorite places is a tough things, so many great places, people and food … the experiences can be beyond exhilarating, and fulfilling even for me, the “I’m not easily impressed Kat” !!  Having done more than my fair share of lives great things ( so many left on the list…) The one thing that is most precious to me, after family, are the dear close fans who truly know and appreciate you for being who you are! There is nothing in the world more precious than the bond of true respect and friendship. These relationships we CHOSE. Family’s are not ours by choice but by destiny, we can chose to keep them or not…as some are not good, unfortunately!

My “FAMILY” is that of my close friends.  My adoring fans and “social” friends are important also!  Thats why many of us enjoy the gift of giving to each other. For Holidays, or JUST BECAUSE Days… Every year now for 15 years my fans ask…” what do you like for Xmas.?’ So… here is my AMAZON wishlist.

Ah…. so hard not to put things on here as I virtual shop…  I’m not a waster of things ( time or money) but I do enjoy the abundant life the Universe has to offer each of us!! Every item on my list is for serious and proper use in my life. Thoughtfully planned out where I will use it, and for as long as possible! DO U THINK THEY SELL “LOVE” on AMAZON?  Put that on my list too!

Kat xxx


http://www.amazon.com/registry/wishlist/221TIIKQK10DP/ref=cm_sw_r_tw_ws_lf0lwb8HCZZJ2 via @amazon

Hi… Greetings from Europe!

Just in case you think I haven’t been keeping busy enough… here is a link to my first Japanese video!


Good luck ordering it…  but it certainly was fun calling that wimpy guy great wimpy names in Japanese!!  A – HO….

Lets see who is the first to get a copy!!

Kat xxx

Go to the EVENTS LINK on this site for upcoming Events.


Follow me on Twitter  @kittysDD   Also, @thekinkymuscle ( www.kinkymuscle.com)









Hi, to Fans, and Friends!

The dart board was spinning, and with so many great fans, I had to decide where to go on my October EURO tour. Oslo, Stockholm, Paris, and Nice… Remember, WHEN I RECEIVE DEPOSITS, I will schedule your city! If you wait until I get there, you will probably NOT have the opportunity to see me, I’ll be booked up by then. I do not like to rush, and I will not rearrange my already planned day. Be READY when you contact me in advance!

Well into my tour and in Stockholm today, I discussed matters with a dear fan, and again, While in Oslo, an unsolicited comment was overwhelmingly kind, and I asked him to put it into writing for other fans to see. Sometimes when a fan is not serious, or one of low self-esteem, he asks in appropriate questions, or trys to treat my professionalism as some sort of bargaining table. I do not even deal with such people. My body, physique and talents are #1 among a sea of many… and only to be appreciated by those of upstanding respect, and honor for who I am. I do not need to win a contest to make me a Champion. I AM A CHAMPION already, and those who take the time to find out about me  past the pictures will be amazed at what they discover!

Here, I want to share with you a comment sent to me, that he was also sharing with the world. So, next time you have the opportunity to meet up with me, Appreciate the experience, as it will not be found elsewhere!

Kat xo

I have had 20 or so sessions over the past 10 years with many of the most well known FBB in the business but I have to say that Kat really surpassed them all. Setting up the session was a true pleasure as well as the correspondence leading up to the actual session. She has a remarkable attention to detail and had prepared the session as per my request both in terms of outfits as well as the content of the session. To top it all she is a warm, honest and down to earth women who will make you feel at ease from the start. I literally felt that I had known her for years even though we had just met minutes ago. She has a remarkable physique with lots of high quality muscles both in her upper body as well as her lower body which is ideal if you are into muscle worship or similar. She is also very experienced as a wrestler and knows all the holds in the book and has no problems in putting you into anyone of them or any of her own combination holds. She really knows how to turn up the heat from a sensual point of view. All in all meeting her was a true high light for me and I am looking forward to seeing her again.

Hi…to my Musclelovers, and lovers of FEMALE MUSCLE!

The Wild-Kat is down under,,, ya know, where the thunder is, the heat and the FUN!

If you are in Perth, Melbourne and Sydney…lets meet up for some Muscle ADVENTURE/SESSION!

Be sure to check out the DETAILS ON THE SESSION PAGE, don’t miss out!


In the mean time,, my naughty diary…BY BEDTIME STORIES need to be caught up, OMG…so many men, so little time!! heheee…..

Kat x


ok, the answer to that question is..  I’m where you want me to be!

Right now, as I sit here at my keyboard, naked and tanned…looking down at the big tits on my chest and the OH SO BIG BROWN NIPPLES… close my eyes and I am right there, with you! My sculptured muscles are there on your screen… looking into your eyes, and reading your mind. Its not that hard… to read. I know you want to feel the power, feel the squeeze, and be made to say “I SUBMIT”

So, I slowly creep onto your computer screen with my next move. My BIG BICEP POWER PUMP! Be careful… you may get caught up in there! I just LOVE to SQUEEZE you, a bearhug type of squeeze that holds you captive to my strength! You are HELPLESS IN MY POWER!

its ok…. dont fight it. You wont win!  I WILL….

Kat xx


Hi Eveyone!!

Well, I survived the FET-CON weekend and some additional south Florida visits, along with getting a lot of rain on my shoes!  Whew… the heat and humidity, the rain…a perfect combo to make things grow!  You know thins grow BIG with the right stimulators!!  My muscles are growing bigger with each PUMP of the dumbbell! I love the pump by #biceps got last night in training at my home gym. The best part is even when its humid, I train nude, watching the muscles ripple around on my body with each movement, gaining a pump and sweat with each breath! Female Muscle is where the heart of the passion begins………..

My KINKY MUSCLE studio is getting to be a very busy place, as couples and groups are enjoying the “playtime” of such a location. The RED ROOM OF PLEASURE AND PAIN DUNGEON is an exquisite place. I had the pleasure of experiencing it lately myself!! Seems I work a lot lately, so indulging is some pleasures of my own were overdue!

Pictures of my PLAY SPACE will be posted soon!

In the mean time, visit me while ON TOUR!

Kat xxx

PS….an old quote… “Its my pleasure doing business with you!”…

Who knows who wrote this?

Hi Everyone!!

Its been a long crazy day at the FETCON 2015, in St Petersburgh, FL.

With Fetish, Kink and the Kinky Muscle Models, and Foot Models the fans LOVED IT! The www.KINKYMUSCLE.com booth was teaming with fans from around the globe, drooling at our feet and worshipping the muscle!

Join us tomorrow for more fun and frolick, and turn those FEMALE MUSCLE FANTASIES into a REALITY!

See SESSIONS page for details, info and booking!

Kat xxx

Hi… a busy day!!  Headed to FETCON (Fetish Convention) a lot of work ahead!!  If you are in the St Petersburg area…come on by.

Ill be at booth #146

Say hello… get a pic, buy a video…. buy a membership at special show price!  Support your Goddess, and the Muscle-Fetish Industry!


Remember…you can always get a membership to www.wild-kat.com right here online…. or send cash, money order, or electronic funds, and I can send you your own private password to unlock the “wild side of you… the wild-kat side”!


Kat xxx

Hi Everyone!!

Yep, I’m here… ! Just trying to catch my breath! Its been a VERY HOT Summer, and a STEAMY time in Florida! After some travels I had to take a little hiatus from traveling an stay home to “catch my breath”.

However, that does not mean that has had a boring time! Reading lots of  Naughty books helps!

How many of you have read “50 Shades of Grey” ?

How many of you have read “The Happy Hooker”?

Both, very interesting books! The latter I read in 1977… the former I have been reading the last year. The Third volume is a bit difficult to finish, not too exciting and a bit more Hollywood then the movie itself, and that WAS A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE! But, all in all, I think it was a good read. I’ve also been watching and enjoying the new political race that is ready to heat up! No wonder my heart is racing so fast! Between whips and chains and the “hair” I cant wait to on the TV and see what the new day holds for  me!

I’ll be continuing some travels soon, watch my schedule, and watch out for the sexy #1 Muscle Diva in an area near you!!

HOW do you spell relief?  WILDKAT of course!!


Kat x

Good Morning!!

Time to get your FEMALE MUSCLE fix!

Scissors, Smother, Domination, Muscle Worship… whats your fancy? Time to make that fantasy a reality!

Meet me in my RED ROOM OF PAIN, or maybe a spanking or two to calm down your nerves?

Catch one of my EVENTS in Jacksonville, Florida check the KINKYMUSCLE Calendar!

Are you new and in need of some training? Or Experienced and in need of an attitude adjustment? “Have paddle will travel”

Right now, I’m enjoying a sip of wine in Boston…a yummy red!

His ass cheeks will be matching red soon!

Kat xxx

Hi Everyone!

So sorry, I see the posts have been a while. I think the naughty Kat needs a spank to get her going!

Ok, so its been a very HOT SUMMER in Florida. After my last travels to Australia, Ive been home in Florida tending to things at home, taking some time for other adventures and helping myself along in a new adventure in my life. By the end of 2015 you will be introduced to Kats new adventure, but for now… sit tight and relax. You may even want to come meet me in my private DUNGEON, where all sorts of fun activities are taking place!

Right now, I have a FULL, OPERATING DUNGEON and STUDIO where I personally will teach you some discipline, you may also attend private events there. www.FOOTNIGHT.com is being held there, along with other FUN FETISH EVENTS!

Visit me on fetlife.com (goodkatbadkat) and join in on the fun.

Muscle worship events, Wrestling events, Foot Parties, Movie nights, Private Club KINK Events, Kinky Kafe Sunday, and Meet and Greet Munch Events.

Stay tuned for upcoming events!

In the mean time… check out the updates on www.wild-kat.com

If you are a fan, you must be a member, otherwise, just another talker in a worldwide conversation ( I cant hear you…!)


Kat xxx

Hi… Hello… and Welcome!

I know many of you read my DIARY on a daily basis.. because I hear about it when I don’t post an entry! Thank you for your feedback and for telling me what an avid reader of my blog you are! THAT makes me get off my BIG HARD TIGHT ASS.. and get my Blog posted!  Sorry when Im not on here as much as I should… not lazy… just busy, and I cant get on from remote too well, so I have to actually sit at my laptop…how archaic eh??

So, you now its a labor because I love you… my fans, friends and foes!

Its been quite a crazy few weeks, with Europe, East coast and then west coast and east coast…. WHERE AM I?? All  I know is…right now, Im home in my own bed…ahhhh… yes! Now…you might be thinking that you should be here too… Well, my peeps… DO COME and meet me at my Dungeon/Playroom in Florida!  Come meet me at my fun Events ( click EVENTS link) or meet me while “sight seeing” the globe… but by all means, Dont miss out on the WildKAT Adventures!  That would be a sad tragic thing… hey, I have some fun travels coming up to some cool places! I am headed to AUSTRALIA very soon…I would LOVE to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge this time over…. any offers?? I will need a date for that one! I look at the bridge from my Sydney hotel, the gym and all over town….watching the bikers cross and the morning climbers, so I think Id like to do it this time!

How is that for an adventure??? Well… there is a lot more to the WildKAT adventure… but I’ll leave that to the imagination of MUSCLE DOM….and let your mind run wild over my muscles!! I love it…. and so will you!!   Like to be made to SUBMIT to me… a sexy strong and seductive woman… You  WILL submit, and Like it! Understand?

Oh.. I LOVE being so Bossy…. but hey, thats what Bossy Bitches do, right?

I have been even called a Monarch before. How did they know I was the Queen? ( slight hint…. look at pics!) But then again, it was a short, slight fracture of a man who said those words… and then ran away! HA…. typical!

But you… YOU LOVE IT, and cherish it and appreciate it!

See you soon!!!  Muscle – Time!! Check out the new updates on the VIDEO CLIPS SECTION!!  Great stuff!! and A WHOLE LOTTA MORE OF THAT STUFF COMING!!

Kat xxx

HI… Spending a few days in the California sun….  sun, surf, and sexy muscle on the beaches of the Pacific!

Had some great food to PUMP UP MY MUSCLES! And now with these strong Shoulders and Biceps, Ill be shooting some video in Arizona.

Look for the new updates right here on Wild-Kat… My VIP’s  Thank you for all your support!!

Stay tuned…Wild_kat will be getting a face lift, with some new features and new format soon!

If you have been waiting to meet the One and Only WILDKAT… now is the time to become a VIP. Once the format changes… all the great pics and vids will be available, on a different membership system! VIP’s get it ALL….  be one today!

Once you are a member, my BEDTIME STORIES are available for you to read, my most intimate moments… as BodyBuilder, Domme, and World Traveling Diva! Find out the inside scoop of what really make the WildKat purrrrrrrrrrrrrr……………..!

Kat xxx

Hi… WOW…seems like I was just here… and then I look and see its been a while!

Thats because Im trying to catch up with emails and travel schedule… all while doing some GREAT HUGE projects right here in Florida with some really FUN EVENTS!

As always my visit to Europe is exciting and fun… but oh so busy!

I was able to meet my dear friend XAVIERA HOLLANDER.. you may remember her! Living in Amsterdam now and enjoying her 70 years as the SEX THERAPIST to the world… for over 30 years writing “Call me Madame” for Hustler…and of course her fantastic book THE HAPPY HOOKER… We are collaborating on a project together… so it should be an interesting summer ahead! Sharing dinner and tea and breakfast with her and hisband was most enjoyable… we were out-doing each other with funny stories…. I think she wins!

I did some FANTASTIC pics there at her place…video shoots and had a great time meeting fans too!

Im sorry…some difficulty getting pics on the blog again! … technical nightmares!

I guess you will just have to visit the pic and video galleries coming up!!


AUSTRALIA …right around the corner!!

and here in FLORIDA…  you can always come to meet me at my own events… listed here!


Look under EVENTS…and you will see the next one is the June 6 FOOTNIGHT.



TRAINING IS GOING WELL… maybe a competitin is in the air for 2015!

Kat xxx


Well, I do think this is going to be a great year!  Putting on a little more mass and of coutse hardening up and leaning down just a tad… Looking to compete this year.

I have been taking a lot of pics and some video to show off my tight hard sexy body… want to see?

Here is a peek… but my VIP’s get it ALL. Come on in and JOIN ME for the Muscle Adventures you have always wanted!

Not your mothers kind of FemaleMuscle now… this is hardcore, strong and seductive!

No wimps allowed in here!  Only my fans who yearn to see the WILDKAT in action! PUMPING IT UP… PUMPING YOU UP TOO!

My stromg Shoulders and Biceps and Triceps. NO HOLDING BACK!  The REAL DEAL!

See for yourself… Feel for yourself… IF YOU DARE!

Kat xx

Ahha… Im still here!!

Yes, Alive and well…Just busy as heck!  But its all good…as the Muscles grow, and the mind…

Its all about fun and enjoyment. So… Ive been looking at what else I can do for fun, I mean there have just been so many great things happening in my life, its amazing the opportunities that can come your way when you really look with the right lens!

I have some great travels coming up…and Looking forward to them!

Its SPRING but almost SUMMER in Florida and getting HOT…Time to get ready to sweat! Ive adjusted my workouts to include more cardio as I like to be a little lighter in the summer to tolerate the heat…

Heat ya say…It was definitely a HOT AFTERNOON today, when I took one of my submissives by the head a gave him the SCISSORS of a lifetime… almost heard his neck pop… but only a little grinding so I stopped and then sat up on his chest and flexed the BIGGEST double bicep I could do, and with eyes as wide as pancakes, he screamed with ecstacey … OMG…!  Kat… the WILDAKAT… you are the best and sexiest Muscle I have EVER SEEN!

I like to have that sort of fun… and then go to the gym and pump up even more!

OH YEA… See you all in Europe next week!

Kat xx

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