PERSONAL and SPECIAL REQUEST DVD’s can be made just for you!

 Starting at $99.00 (15 min),     $150.00 (30 min)    $250.00 (60 min) Plus $6.00 shipping in US, $12.00 outside US

DVD’s are done with me featured in the video. Posing, talking, wearing outfits, working out, pumping, heels, etc while talking to YOU!

If you want something more SEXY AND SEDUCTIVE…and want topless, nude and or sensual activities….the cost starts at $150.00 ( 15 min) $300.00 ( 30 min) and $500.00(1 hour). Shipping is $6.00 in US,  $12.00 for outside US

I love to talk to YOU, and tell you what I am doing in the DVD, flexing my muscles and MORE for you..showing all my sexy and endowed body parts for your pleasure!! XXX

If you want something that requires an additional person(s) the cost will be calculated for you. If you have specific locations, outfits and dialogue that you want done, all this takes time and planning and is considered in the cost, Please email me with specifics and I will quote you a price.

All DVD’s will be shot by a professional photographer digital (HD available) in wmv format. Please email me in advance with your special request. A 4-6 week wait may apply as shooting schedule is available. Remember..I may be traveling…

If your CUSTOM DVD request is specific, preparation time is taken into consideration, so to make a 30min DVD sometimes it takes one hour of work, edit and produce it. I will email with you the details involved. A deposit is required before shooting, and balance due at day of shipping. Paypal, money order, cash, or credit cards accepted. Some stills are also shot and will be emailed to you. The balance must be paid before shipping your order out.


If you have any problems with the site,video or VIP log in, please contact:

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