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Hey hey…!!

The WILDKAT enjoyed going back to Europe 3 weeks ago, my first time back in 2years!!

And now, heading up north, I think the snow has passed and its safe now!! Come out and meet me in

Charlotte, NC

Charleston, WVA

Colombus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Harrisburgh, PA

Springfield, MA

Baltimore, MD

Book your SESSION Today, with a required deposit to hold your time/date.

Come visit me in JAX, Florida,

Welcome to my world!

The #FETISH WORLD of Fantasy, Eroticism, #FemaleMuscle, #Domination and #Control

Where th physicality of the body #bigclit #bigbiceps #Bigmuscles #StrongFemaleMuscle is the normal, and the weak and wimpy only #WorshipMyMuscles in awe!  Come INSIDE to ENTER INTO MY WORLD! EXPORE!

Visit me at my #DUNGEON for #BONDAGE and #Domination

or Catch me on tour. See my travel page for details.


ok, the answer to that question is..  I’m where you want me to be!

Right now, as I sit here at my keyboard, naked and tanned…looking down at the big tits on my chest and the OH SO BIG BROWN NIPPLES… close my eyes and I am right there, with you! My sculptured muscles are there on your screen… looking into your eyes, and reading your mind. Its not that hard… to read. I know you want to feel the power, feel the squeeze, and be made to say “I SUBMIT”

So, I slowly creep onto your computer screen with my next move. My BIG BICEP POWER PUMP! Be careful… you may get caught up in there! I just LOVE to SQUEEZE you, a bearhug type of squeeze that holds you captive to my strength! You are HELPLESS IN MY POWER!

its ok…. dont fight it. You wont win!  I WILL….

Kat xx


Hi Everyone!!

Yep, I’m here… ! Just trying to catch my breath! Its been a VERY HOT Summer, and a STEAMY time in Florida! After some travels I had to take a little hiatus from traveling an stay home to “catch my breath”.

However, that does not mean that has had a boring time! Reading lots of  Naughty books helps!

How many of you have read “50 Shades of Grey” ?

How many of you have read “The Happy Hooker”?

Both, very interesting books! The latter I read in 1977… the former I have been reading the last year. The Third volume is a bit difficult to finish, not too exciting and a bit more Hollywood then the movie itself, and that WAS A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE! But, all in all, I think it was a good read. I’ve also been watching and enjoying the new political race that is ready to heat up! No wonder my heart is racing so fast! Between whips and chains and the “hair” I cant wait to on the TV and see what the new day holds for  me!

I’ll be continuing some travels soon, watch my schedule, and watch out for the sexy #1 Muscle Diva in an area near you!!

HOW do you spell relief?  WILDKAT of course!!


Kat x

Good Morning!!

Time to get your FEMALE MUSCLE fix!

Scissors, Smother, Domination, Muscle Worship… whats your fancy? Time to make that fantasy a reality!

Meet me in my RED ROOM OF PAIN, or maybe a spanking or two to calm down your nerves?

Catch one of my EVENTS in Jacksonville, Florida check the KINKYMUSCLE Calendar!

Are you new and in need of some training? Or Experienced and in need of an attitude adjustment? “Have paddle will travel”

Right now, I’m enjoying a sip of wine in Boston…a yummy red!

His ass cheeks will be matching red soon!

Kat xxx


Yes, thats right!  Ive been BUFFING OUT MY MUSCLES in the Garden! The last few days have been a lot of sunshine! Tanning my bunns….and everything else! While I do my NON GYM WORKOUT!  Yep…gardening!  Well potting plants in HUGE POTS and carrying around 50lb bags of soil, fertilizer and the best oart bags of stones for my tree beds! ALL OF THIS IN THE BUFF!

Thats the great thing about PRIVACY is that I can be alone in the garden…working out, and GETTING A NAKED ALLOVER TAN!  But… beware the bad neighbor. Remember I spoke of him back about 9 months ago…snooping over my fence and catching him as he fell down, his pants undone and the little weenie cock hanging out! We certainly do not want “Little Willie” back, nor his dumbo little side kick,” Little Rickey!”

No, no…. BIGGER and BETTER things ahead, GROWING IN MY GARDEN!!!

Ill be doing some travels to my penthouses around the world! Come check out travels on TRAVEL PAGE. Indy and Columbus next…ALL ABOARD! The KITTYKAT choo-choo train is about to leave the station!! WHOOOO>>>WHOOO>>>>!

Naked and going to bed now…. me and all this FEMALE MUSCLE!

Kat xxx


Hi… ok another NAUGHTY KAT night…!

I’ve been really bisy today, so I didn’t get my daily KINK…you know, my daily MASTURBATION time. Makes me cranky when that happens! So.. tonight I was on webcam. Just like last night…( that 2 for 2) I got to PLAY with my sweet pussy. Fingering it with ONE, TWO and THREE fingers! It doesnt take me long to get off..Ive mastered that art!  I think it goes back to my earlier days as a cop. Never enought time to do much, when you are working so much. Eat fast…in a hurry.. and CUM IN A HURRY TOO! So…. It was nice chatting with an apparently LONG TIME FAN FROM SAN FRANCISCO area! When he told me he has been jerking off to my videos for years, and named a few of my favorite ones, I was impressed and empowered! So, I just had to have a fun and enjoyable cam show! After masturbating for him and some hard nipple play…rubbing my fingers with KAT SCENT all over them got me excited again!  Ok, so one more quickie before bed time! Ahhh…. yes!  The world is a much better place now! Thank you!!

Keep up with me! Ill be visiting Indianopolis and Columbus next week! Of course details are on

Looking forward seeing you soon!  Kat xxx

ps…. Shooting some sexy video with Naadia soon!

I ove this pic from My Hawaiian trip last summer!!Hawaii leopardKat and Nadia

Hi…yes, IM over the pond and to grandmothers house we go!

Well..not exactly, but to KATS PLAY HOUSE we go!  Bringing Muscles back to Manchester and London…I had to postpone the last visit here, so its make-up time with fans of SEXY HARD STRONG MUSCLE!

If you live elsewhere then here…please email me when you are serious about meeting up for a session…and Ill get it on my travel calendar. Its a lot of work to keep the muscles PUMPED AND PAMPERED and Travel a lot…plus I have some psecial treats for you coming next month!

A KINKY WEEKEND…. come and join me and my muscle girlfriends in Florida for a fun adventure!

Oct 23-26 its going to be a blast!  Foot Fetish Party, Video shoots, a KINKY HALLOWEEN PARTY, and top it off with KINKYMUSCLE models going to a NFL game dressed in our KINKY attire!!

Email me of you want to join us… also will give you footnight registration details!

Looking forward to much pleasure abroad!!

Next stop…London! Stockholm…!

See you soon…kat xxx

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