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Where th physicality of the body #bigclit #bigbiceps #Bigmuscles #StrongFemaleMuscle is the normal, and the weak and wimpy only #WorshipMyMuscles in awe!  Come INSIDE to ENTER INTO MY WORLD! EXPORE!

Visit me at my #DUNGEON for #BONDAGE and #Domination

or Catch me on tour. See my travel page for details.

Hello, Muscle fans!

Its that time of year where things are blooming, growing and just exploding all over the place!

Training is going well, Should I compete this year is the QUESTION? Do you enjoy the bodybuilding competitions? Have you watched me at a contest? Do you enjoy the ripped lean muscles, or do you prefer bigger, stronger and bulkier muscles?? Which female muscles are your favorite?  Fleexed? Relaxed? or squeezing you?

Global interest in female bodybuilding has taken me all over the world to meet fans! No time to stop now! Be sure to check out my travel page, session page, and of course ARE YOU A MEMBER?

Read my BEDTIME stories there! be a part of the Wild-Kat world!

I’ll see you all down under very soon! Australia, one of my many favorite places to visit!

Kat xx


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Hi…  from the BadKat who hasn’t posted here in a while! While the GoodKat is hard at work, making sure things get done all over the world, sometimes because of all the emails, and social media, I think, Oh no, my BIGGEST AND BEST FANS are right here….waiting to hear from ME…!

So, here it is….. I think the last post was 10-27 Oh my!!

If you have been a good fan, then you know all the other fun things Ive been up to! Yep… my Club Kink Jacksonville has been hosing EVENTS… next one is DEC 5th, info right here on the EVENTS page! Its a Foot Party, a Winter Wonderland!  If you like feet, BE SURE you get here!!

You can also follow me on @fetlife at GoodKatBadKat, KinkyMuscle and the Club Kink Jacksonville!

With all the political buzz going on, I’ve been busy keeping informed, and informing others. Ya know, someone has to keep The Donald “a- breast” of the #KINKY stuff, how else is he going to know?

ALSO… My Bedtime Stories, and all pages will be updated soon, and remember, SEND CASH if you need to get your membership discreetly, you are missing a lot if you aren’t on the “inside” of this site!

Get your fingers back on the keyboard…. go to and see my latest!!

Shot today in DC. Met up with some old friends, and met an interesting new one today! I did a video shoot this evening, stay tuned for previews!!  I’m always amazed how many cool, interesting, amazing, and funny people are right there… waiting to meet! Sometimes, with a lot of travel, I get bogged down with keeping in touch, sorry!  Email me, anytime!  I LOVE hearing from you!!

2016 has a LOT of new, and EXXXCITING THINGS ahead!

Did YOU get your 2016 KINKY KALENDAR?   I’ve got a few left!!

THE NEXT 5 PEOPLE who JOIN for the 3 month membership…. I’ll send you one!  Custom made by one of my great fans! I have 5 left!!

And YES… I have updated my Amazon wish list for those who have asked me to… Lots of fun stuff! Remember… XXX Mas is coming…. and you should be too! Take GOOD care of your Goddess!!

HUGS and SQUEEZES.. Kat xxx

Hi Everyone!!

Its been a long crazy day at the FETCON 2015, in St Petersburgh, FL.

With Fetish, Kink and the Kinky Muscle Models, and Foot Models the fans LOVED IT! The booth was teaming with fans from around the globe, drooling at our feet and worshipping the muscle!

Join us tomorrow for more fun and frolick, and turn those FEMALE MUSCLE FANTASIES into a REALITY!

See SESSIONS page for details, info and booking!

Kat xxx

Hi… a busy day!!  Headed to FETCON (Fetish Convention) a lot of work ahead!!  If you are in the St Petersburg area…come on by.

Ill be at booth #146

Say hello… get a pic, buy a video…. buy a membership at special show price!  Support your Goddess, and the Muscle-Fetish Industry!


Remember…you can always get a membership to right here online…. or send cash, money order, or electronic funds, and I can send you your own private password to unlock the “wild side of you… the wild-kat side”!


Kat xxx

Hi Everyone!!

Yep, I’m here… ! Just trying to catch my breath! Its been a VERY HOT Summer, and a STEAMY time in Florida! After some travels I had to take a little hiatus from traveling an stay home to “catch my breath”.

However, that does not mean that has had a boring time! Reading lots of  Naughty books helps!

How many of you have read “50 Shades of Grey” ?

How many of you have read “The Happy Hooker”?

Both, very interesting books! The latter I read in 1977… the former I have been reading the last year. The Third volume is a bit difficult to finish, not too exciting and a bit more Hollywood then the movie itself, and that WAS A HOLLYWOOD MOVIE! But, all in all, I think it was a good read. I’ve also been watching and enjoying the new political race that is ready to heat up! No wonder my heart is racing so fast! Between whips and chains and the “hair” I cant wait to on the TV and see what the new day holds for  me!

I’ll be continuing some travels soon, watch my schedule, and watch out for the sexy #1 Muscle Diva in an area near you!!

HOW do you spell relief?  WILDKAT of course!!


Kat x

Good Morning!!

Time to get your FEMALE MUSCLE fix!

Scissors, Smother, Domination, Muscle Worship… whats your fancy? Time to make that fantasy a reality!

Meet me in my RED ROOM OF PAIN, or maybe a spanking or two to calm down your nerves?

Catch one of my EVENTS in Jacksonville, Florida check the KINKYMUSCLE Calendar!

Are you new and in need of some training? Or Experienced and in need of an attitude adjustment? “Have paddle will travel”

Right now, I’m enjoying a sip of wine in Boston…a yummy red!

His ass cheeks will be matching red soon!

Kat xxx

Hi… Hello… and Welcome!

I know many of you read my DIARY on a daily basis.. because I hear about it when I don’t post an entry! Thank you for your feedback and for telling me what an avid reader of my blog you are! THAT makes me get off my BIG HARD TIGHT ASS.. and get my Blog posted!  Sorry when Im not on here as much as I should… not lazy… just busy, and I cant get on from remote too well, so I have to actually sit at my laptop…how archaic eh??

So, you now its a labor because I love you… my fans, friends and foes!

Its been quite a crazy few weeks, with Europe, East coast and then west coast and east coast…. WHERE AM I?? All  I know is…right now, Im home in my own bed…ahhhh… yes! Now…you might be thinking that you should be here too… Well, my peeps… DO COME and meet me at my Dungeon/Playroom in Florida!  Come meet me at my fun Events ( click EVENTS link) or meet me while “sight seeing” the globe… but by all means, Dont miss out on the WildKAT Adventures!  That would be a sad tragic thing… hey, I have some fun travels coming up to some cool places! I am headed to AUSTRALIA very soon…I would LOVE to climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge this time over…. any offers?? I will need a date for that one! I look at the bridge from my Sydney hotel, the gym and all over town….watching the bikers cross and the morning climbers, so I think Id like to do it this time!

How is that for an adventure??? Well… there is a lot more to the WildKAT adventure… but I’ll leave that to the imagination of MUSCLE DOM….and let your mind run wild over my muscles!! I love it…. and so will you!!   Like to be made to SUBMIT to me… a sexy strong and seductive woman… You  WILL submit, and Like it! Understand?

Oh.. I LOVE being so Bossy…. but hey, thats what Bossy Bitches do, right?

I have been even called a Monarch before. How did they know I was the Queen? ( slight hint…. look at pics!) But then again, it was a short, slight fracture of a man who said those words… and then ran away! HA…. typical!

But you… YOU LOVE IT, and cherish it and appreciate it!

See you soon!!!  Muscle – Time!! Check out the new updates on the VIDEO CLIPS SECTION!!  Great stuff!! and A WHOLE LOTTA MORE OF THAT STUFF COMING!!

Kat xxx

Hi to my loving fans and friends… and to the foes who like to check me out!!


Its been a crazy week and weekend! After battling the cold in Boston and NYC. it chiled up in Florida again but still waaaay better than most places…and a visit to soth Florida gave me hope!!  Spring was here, but in no time we will be basking in the SUN AND HEAT! I love it…..

Friday night was a fun FETISH EVENT at KINKYMUSCLE Studios… We tested out some new play stations and met some new friends that came by. Saturday, was the FUN AND FAMOUS


Oh my… we had 9  of the HOTTEST Foot Models from all over Florida, who absolutely love their fans….

Whitney Morgan, Lisa Harlotte, Saharra Huxley, Miliani, Goddess Lyleth, Nadia, Go-GoCum Bunny, Kitty Come, KittysDD Rocked the house with unlimited energy and fans from around the whole Southeast!! Barefoot in the Sand was a huge success and we are looking forward to the next one!!


Until then…see you in DALLAS and DETROIT, AMsterdam and around the world!

Here is the IMPORTANT PART.. VIP MEMBERS.. NEEDED to keep this site going,…

APRIL 3 being my Birthday… I have some NEW BIRTHDAY PICS coming your way and a site update to knock your socks off!

Stay tuned!


Kat xx

Hi Honey…Im HOME!

Oh yes… its good to be home, as always!  Your familiar stuff, and your kitties beside you in bed curled up, and your own gym to train at, being able to cook your own food, your favorite dildo by the bedside!!…. THE THINGS THAT MATTER!

Well, another adventure over the pond, some great folks/fans that always make my welcome a warm one!! I do enjoy so much visiting familiar places and learning new things about them and EXPLORING NEW THINGS IS ALWAYS EXCITING!

Displaying my POWER and STRENGTH is always a fun adventure! and…I have some stories to tell!!

You know, I dont kiss and tell… so I wont mention any names… BUT…one of the fun-est things I got to do on my visit to Europe this time ( no mention of place or date, to protect the guilty) was ramming a huge DESIGNER DILDO into a nice tight rear end of a very submissive sex slave! Its  BIG ONE alright, I even have a hard time getting it hitched and pushing it! Its like a 15lb dumbbell at the end of my strapon, tugging and ramming… exhausting!!  But oh so worth it!

I have some good news… check back tomorrow!! I need some beauty rest now.. Kat xx


Well HAPPY VALENTINES DAY to start the day of right!

Thank you all for the lovely cards, gifts, flowers..perfume, sexy outfits, gift certificates…. All from my loyal and loving fans! Its whats makes life worth living…when you are liked, loved, and adored… whether its for being funny, sexy, or just being me…. Thank you!

Last weekend was a real treat with the Wrestling Event here in Jax,  I hosted with Nicole Bass, Michelle Falsetta, Sahara Huxley, Vanessa Vilano, Nadia and myself…  Some VERY BRAVE MEN…who wrestled all of us at one time or another, and more fellow female muscle lovers!

Shooting video the next day was a riot… soon it will be finished and available!

For now… packing up and ready to meet up in Europe!  Going to KATOPIA 2…  in Stockholm. The rest of the schedule as follows:

Copenhagen, Zurich, Milan, Paris Nice…and Florida! It wil be Spring then..and time to plant my garden! WILL BE NEEDING A NEW GARDEN SLAVE!  Until then… a special time was had in ST LOUIS last week… old friends, great times..


See you soon. Looking forward to the next one..


Hi…to my Muscle lovers!

Its been a busy week in Vegas… lots of video shooting, and a visit to the AVN awards ! Lots of FEMALE MUSCLE around, more muscle than boobs I think…. although there was PLENTY of big boobs in Vegas thisweek!

One of my Favorite shoots was for Japanese company Sadistic Village. Shooting with my friend Ashlee Chambers, we dominated and picked up this little Japanese man… poolside, then proceeded to take advantage of him indoors!

Learning Japanese terms of AHO (Fool)  KONO YARO (Damn You!)  SHIRI DASE (show your ass!) KONO BAKA (You fool!)

TAKO (Idiot!)   KUSAI CHIMPO (Smelly dick!)  KAMI CHIGITE YARU (Ill bit you to pieces!)

That was a quick lesson…and to remember it all while under the pressure of wrestling, squeezing and smothering this cute little Japanese man…Well you will have to stay tuned for when the video comes out in May!

Looking forward to see you all in LA… How can you resist this SEXY FEMALE MUSCLE…  You Can’t !

Kat xx20150125_190211_resized_1


Well, its time for a KATOPIA visit tomorrow! Bringing my next “VICTIM” into the dungeon for some KAT-PLAY…!

Thursday…isn’t that NO KNICKERS DAY?

Oh well… EVERY DAY is NO KNICKERS DAY! Starting off the morning with egg white omlette and coffee… vitamins and some cardio. A little Florida tan time..and am after lunch walk. Then… in the afternoon, playtime!

I like to talk plain and simple about dominating my boy-toys…  and they are ALL BOY-TOYS!  Some I like to play rough with… some I have to be gentle and softer with… but always MY PLEASURE in mind!

Do YOU want to be one of my play toys?? A KAT likes plenty of tease and tickle…toy and enjoy!

Powerful Muscles like to SQUEEZE and FLEX…its SHOULDER DAY at the gym tomorrow, maybe Ill snap you a few pics!

Im going into my BEDTIME STORIES (inside MEMBERS area) to write the naughty DETAILS of last weekend! Come on in and read it…every sweaty details about a FULL NIGHT OF DOMINATION! the 10 HRS of KATOPIA..!

Kat xx


Its was a challanging 2014 in many ways. A lot of good/great  things happened… but a lot of challanges that I could of done without in my opinion. But…who am I to say what I really needed!

One of the GREAT things to happen is KATOPIA.

Ive been working on this for YEARS in my mind…and now its here!  KATOPIA is a place where the KAT reigns supreme! Its a location where I can express myself, no rules, just right! A place where I can hold events of my liking… invite who I will to be CAPTURED,  TORTURED, DOMINATED and ENTRANCED…. The KATOPIA RED ROOM, my dungeon. KATOPIA PLAY ROOM, my bedroom, KATOPIA FAMILY ROOM my video room and the rest…. well, come see for yourself!

Next event… Mixing it up with Michele Falsetta….  Highlighting the Legendary NICOLE BASS….. and many other FBB and Wrestlers…  Session Wrestling, Semi- comp wrestling and Competitive wrestling… ALL GREAT FUN under one roof, ONE NIGHT ONLY!  Go to the site link

Come south to sunny Florida for the winter! Flights are cheap… weather is warm… WOMEN ARE HOT!!


Also. check my travel schedule for more………

Kat xxx


Hi Everyone!!

Where have I been? Right here!!

Have you been following me on Fb and Twitter? Im here….!

Its been quite busy working with www.KINKYMUSCLE, getting all the kinsksters together for some fun events!

Im hosting  and

CHECK THEM OUT..!  Come to KATOPIA and have a playday with me…or check my schedule to see where on the globe I’m going next! its time for a New Year.. time to make a difference…time for fun and games… KINKYMUSCLE style!

Kat x

ok… GOBBLE GOBBLE…. the big muscles needed STUFFING!  SO , I did it! I stuffed and ate like a machine….all the while pumping up those huge sexy and strong muscles!  Now… Im ready to diet!  hahaaa…  Just kidding!

I like being a little fuller, not what some like to call OFFSEASON,,, No, no…. Mean and lean, this WILDKAT is ready to pounce! I have a many that will fall prey to this carnevour Kat!

Purrr…. scartch…kill and DEVOUR!   yummy…….

So… lets get on with it! Well having a feast of lucious men on my table. A sexy southern boy from Charleston, one from London,,,and one from “another planet”….  I guess that means the sex was “out of this world”… !!??  Whats next? WELL…Lets make it a dish of delightful dicks for me to SQUEEZE and STROKE with my STRONG HANDS and FEET…  Speaking of feet, this FOOTJOB I did a few days ago on a huge black cock was very fullfilling! A Volcanic eruption after 100 strokes between my sexy strong feet… and I thought it was just my BIG BICEPS that had things erupting!  Not so…

Im preparing to shoot tomorrow, I love doing fun and frolic with a muscle twist and tweak! I love to hear you whimper and squeak..then looking over to that mountain…no not your cock, my bicep peak!

Worship me… Kat xxx

Hi… to all my fans, friends and fetishists!

Yes, thatts right…. the lovers of FEMALE MUSCLE are considered Fetishists. Because STRONG and ATHLETIC and MUSCULAR WOMEN are still not accepted into mainstream, we muscle lovers are considered in the group of Fetishists. Now…when you ask “traditional” fetishists…they never really thought of the Female Muscle Lovers in “their” genre of Fetishists…

Hmmm… Ive been resesrching this for a while…and this is indeed true!

My last visit to the Fet Con in August wasn’t the final decision maker. Ive interviewed many local Florida “traditonal fetishists” and then the “female muscle lovers/worshippers” and yes… the muscle lovers are sort of just OUT THERE…not thnking they are fetishists… and the other group not really realizing that they are!



Have FUN… thats what!  Lets enjoy our love of FEMALE MUSCLE. Lets meet up and enjoy the fruits of our labor in the gym…pumping for hours and getting those bulging muscles..hard, firm, shapely and sexy…  and YOU… worshipping them. Soft, slow and intensly..kissing, licking and massaging each and every curve, nook and bulge! Your tongue, your fingers, your legs…touching, caressing and enjoying! SQUEEZING YOU..SMOTHERING YOU… SCISSORING YOU…..!

Are you hard as a rock yet?

Good! I hope so!

Lets meet up soon!  Kat xxx


Yes, thats right!  Ive been BUFFING OUT MY MUSCLES in the Garden! The last few days have been a lot of sunshine! Tanning my bunns….and everything else! While I do my NON GYM WORKOUT!  Yep…gardening!  Well potting plants in HUGE POTS and carrying around 50lb bags of soil, fertilizer and the best oart bags of stones for my tree beds! ALL OF THIS IN THE BUFF!

Thats the great thing about PRIVACY is that I can be alone in the garden…working out, and GETTING A NAKED ALLOVER TAN!  But… beware the bad neighbor. Remember I spoke of him back about 9 months ago…snooping over my fence and catching him as he fell down, his pants undone and the little weenie cock hanging out! We certainly do not want “Little Willie” back, nor his dumbo little side kick,” Little Rickey!”

No, no…. BIGGER and BETTER things ahead, GROWING IN MY GARDEN!!!

Ill be doing some travels to my penthouses around the world! Come check out travels on TRAVEL PAGE. Indy and Columbus next…ALL ABOARD! The KITTYKAT choo-choo train is about to leave the station!! WHOOOO>>>WHOOO>>>>!

Naked and going to bed now…. me and all this FEMALE MUSCLE!

Kat xxx


Hi… Its nice to sit back and chat with my fan here!

I never know who I am reaching with my blogs, Sometimes I hear from fans in far away places, and that have been following me for many many years, Thats always noce to hear. I met a fan omline yesterday who remembers my original videos from 1990, as I was one of the first FBB to explore the KINKY/FETISH of FEMALE MUSCLE with taking the MIXED WRESTLING VIDEOS to new levels! Being a FITNESS and FEMALE BODYBUILING MODEL, I have played all sorts of roles. Mostly DOMINANT because that comes natural…any SUBMISSIVE side you see is just a fleeting moment!  Join me in the MEMBERS AREA if you are a fan and supporting the FEMALE MUSCLE SPORT!

Ive been working closely with in creating some really great stuff! Check it out… and support your FAVORITE WOMEN!  MEET US LIVE ON WEBCAM or at one of the KINKY EVENTS!

Kat xxx


Hi… ok another NAUGHTY KAT night…!

I’ve been really bisy today, so I didn’t get my daily KINK…you know, my daily MASTURBATION time. Makes me cranky when that happens! So.. tonight I was on webcam. Just like last night…( that 2 for 2) I got to PLAY with my sweet pussy. Fingering it with ONE, TWO and THREE fingers! It doesnt take me long to get off..Ive mastered that art!  I think it goes back to my earlier days as a cop. Never enought time to do much, when you are working so much. Eat fast…in a hurry.. and CUM IN A HURRY TOO! So…. It was nice chatting with an apparently LONG TIME FAN FROM SAN FRANCISCO area! When he told me he has been jerking off to my videos for years, and named a few of my favorite ones, I was impressed and empowered! So, I just had to have a fun and enjoyable cam show! After masturbating for him and some hard nipple play…rubbing my fingers with KAT SCENT all over them got me excited again!  Ok, so one more quickie before bed time! Ahhh…. yes!  The world is a much better place now! Thank you!!

Keep up with me! Ill be visiting Indianopolis and Columbus next week! Of course details are on

Looking forward seeing you soon!  Kat xxx

ps…. Shooting some sexy video with Naadia soon!

I ove this pic from My Hawaiian trip last summer!!Hawaii leopardKat and Nadia

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