Welcome to the next Kat Adventure!!


Boston- June 23, 24

NYC June 25,26, 27

Edison, NJ- June 28


Hey hey…!!

The WILDKAT enjoyed going back to Europe 3 weeks ago, my first time back in 2years!!

And now, heading up north, I think the snow has passed and its safe now!! Come out and meet me in

Charlotte, NC

Charleston, WVA

Colombus, OH

Pittsburgh, PA

Harrisburgh, PA

Springfield, MA

Baltimore, MD

Book your SESSION Today, with a required deposit to hold your time/date.

Come visit me in JAX, Florida, Clubkinkjax.com

Check my schedule. Ill be in Florida and EAST COAST.

Hilton Head, Charleston, Richmond, Baltimore, Philly, Edison. etc…

Ill be visiting MELBOURNE on Nov 8-10. and Sydney 11-13th.


Hard and Sexy Muscle!!

the WILD-KAT !!


Kat x

Hi to friends and fans!

I will be traveling some the next few weeks, so check my TRAVEL page to get details

I look forward to meeting you, old friend/fans and new ones!

Charleston, SC, Baltimore, Philly, Atlanta…and coming soon, Ft Lauderdale, Edison, NJ, and Australia!

Be sure to check out the NEW vids on www.KINKYMUSCLE.com


And dont forget www.clips4sale.com/studio/12949 ( kittys clips)

and right here on WILD-KAT.com with ALL the years gone by captured on my great videos!


Kat xoxo


ll be in NYC Sep 17-19 and Boston Sep 20th… go to SESSION PAGE for details.


You can find me most weekends at Club Kink Jacksonville.

Still traveling the US, Domestically and Internationally!

CHECK OUT my HOT HOT HOT Clips…  www.clips4sale.com/studio/12949



Welcome to my world!

The #FETISH WORLD of Fantasy, Eroticism, #FemaleMuscle, #Domination and #Control

Where th physicality of the body #bigclit #bigbiceps #Bigmuscles #StrongFemaleMuscle is the normal, and the weak and wimpy only #WorshipMyMuscles in awe!  Come INSIDE to ENTER INTO MY WORLD! EXPORE!

Visit me at my #DUNGEON for #BONDAGE and #Domination

or Catch me on tour. See my travel page for details.

Travel through the US , Meet me in posted cities.

READ and follow protocol, No deviations.

Come on and check out the PRIVATE FETISH CLUB www.clubkinkjax.com


A lot to keep up with…!!

If you follow my Twitter @kittysDD (updated pics) and @clubkinkjax  you will see All the AWESOME EVENTS!

Join us on KINKYMUSCLE.com for your favorite FemaleMuscle Star!!

Female Bodybuilder, Female Fitness and Hardbodies!!


I’ll be on tour… Looking forward to meeting you!

Kat xx


Happy New Year Everyone!

I took some time off from late December unil this week… recovering from a planned foot surgery. Im at the 4 week mark, and im almost 100%. Training as been going well, did you catch my BACK WORKOUT on Twitter?


Go check it out!

Well, its time to get some NEW VIDEOS made… some CUSTOM VIDEOS finished and some fun travels ahead!

My new schedule is posted…I’m looking forward to seeing everyone soon!

Look for the new updates soon.. and check out www.KINKYMUSCLE.com

A GREAT mixture of Female Fitness, Female Muscle, Female Bodybuilding Muscle and Kink, Fetish and FUN!!

Coming up, EVENTS at www.Clubkinkjax.com

Kat x

Join me at my Fetish Club in Jacksonville.  Club Kink Jacksonville

Sponsoring various types of Fetish EVENTS.

Foot Night Partys – www.footnight.com/jacksonville.html

Adult Partys

Swingers Events

BDSM Events

Demos and Instructions

Social Events

Rental of Space available

Full Dungeon

Play Stations


Hello Female Muscle Lovers and Worshippers!

Lets get to the bottom of things!  I know you LOVE the POWERFUL, STRONG, DOMINANT FEMALE MUSCLE BODY, otherwise you would not be here. So, stop dogging around. The FEEL of being totally Dominated, being submissive to the Mental Power and Control of a True Woman in Control has you dripping! When I grip you in a bear hug, your arms pinned at your side, look into your eyes with my soft big blue eyes and “smile” while I SQUEEZE, just a little tttighter with each breath you take. The Python-Like grip completely incapacitates you!

Uh-oh…. what now?

Whatever I want…. that’s what!

The WILDKAT Experience!

Kat xxx


Come catch me DOWNUNDER….

Im looking for  MY FANS to help in an effort here.

My site  has been here since 2001. its HUGE….Thousands of pics and Videos! It costs quite a bit of money to continue to produce material to put here for fans to enjoy. Im also training, and traveling, and sponsoring and hosting events…. lots to keep going.

I know many of ou read this blog, my stories and adventure of MY DIARY.

NOW, its time to step up in support and become a MEMBER. I need 50 new Members in MAY to continue this site… not just the great THOUSANDS of pic, and vids, but this blog board, the travel info, session info and personal efforts to keep this maintained with expenses increasing.

Let me see our support, this month.

Love and squeezes..Kat xo

Hello, Muscle fans!

Its that time of year where things are blooming, growing and just exploding all over the place!

Training is going well, Should I compete this year is the QUESTION? Do you enjoy the bodybuilding competitions? Have you watched me at a contest? Do you enjoy the ripped lean muscles, or do you prefer bigger, stronger and bulkier muscles?? Which female muscles are your favorite?  Fleexed? Relaxed? or squeezing you?

Global interest in female bodybuilding has taken me all over the world to meet fans! No time to stop now! Be sure to check out my travel page, session page, and of course ARE YOU A MEMBER?

Read my BEDTIME stories there! be a part of the Wild-Kat world!

I’ll see you all down under very soon! Australia, one of my many favorite places to visit!

Kat xx


twitter @kittysDD   @thekinkymuscle

Thank you all again for the great Birthday gifts!

Im having a blast shopping on Amazon.com My wishlist:



Just in case you missed me…. and I have gotten some really nice things as well! Lots of wine, for sure… Do you think I like wine?  Hahaa….  what gives you that impression? The pics I post of me at wineries? Glasses of wine while in my hot tub? Sexy custom wine glasses???


Also… Many of you have asked me about training for competition. I’m considering it!

Its a very expensive hobby, and the entry fees keep going up… travels and expenses, suits… etc!

Late July – August, gives me just enough time if I start NOW!

EMAIL ME YOUR FEEDBACK… Should I compete this year?



On a day like this, when you wake up to perfect weather, cool breeze, warm air…and wet between the thighs!

But, not wet enough, just the kind to get you thinking, Did I have a wet dream?

Hmm… guess not!  Well, lets make it a WET MORNING! Break out the simple tools of pleasure, turn on my favorite muscle wrestling movie/dvd/download, and away we go!  Lots of play, giggling, laughter, followed by some storn words of command: ” Remove your Clothes”, she speaks… and the next thing I see is myself in a video bending over my submissive, playing with his balls, and taking him from behind… getting very wet and aroused, I flip him over, and TAKE HIM again, for the pleasure of my wet places. In real life, getting sweaty and so hot, the tools come out to play! And it is indeed…. a wet morning, with sunshine and a smile!!

Back to my day… Sudio time, Check out my KINKYMUSCLE STUDIO




Join us at KINKYMUSCLE.com  to be eligible to play with the Kinky Fetish and FEMALE MUSCLE…!!

Lots of Fun Fetish Events, Play Partys, and Casual Munches to meet and Greet!


Ok, its time to CATCH UP!

As some of you know, I have been busy with a new studio/dungeon, which is quite active with events.

That alone could be fulltime… but you know my training and travels are still number #1…

So, I do have some help in managing the day to day activities! KINKYMUSCLE EVENTS are quite fun, and we certainly have a variety of things going on!!

Always fun, always interesting!!

Me… well I just celebrated another birthday April 3rd

I do thank you who have sent gifts, flowers, and cards!!  THANK YOU

My Amazon wishlist works great for that!!

Here, Ill post it again, in case you missed it!



So, be SURE to check out my new travel schedule.

Be SURE to JOIN the site for all sorts of FUN, GREAT, MUSCLE Surprises!! And VIP for booking appearances!

Be SURE to check out www.KINKYMUSCLE.com to join me and other Muscle and kink ladies having a KINKY great time!!  TONS of FemaleMuscle, Fetish and KINK for you FemaleMuscle Fantasies!!


www.KINKYMUSCLE.com is one of the newest and greatest sites for Female Muscle on the net!!

I look forward to see you soon!

Kat xx

Hi Everyone,

Yes, to my Fans…I love you all!  The foes who like to read my diary…Thats great! Tells me that you too are a fan who cant stay away from me… I love you too!

As we like to do on New Years, we reflect. I like to do that weekly, monthly, seasonally and annually. Its a checkpoint, where I try to do better, work smarter, and train harder…

Many of you know I have been very busy at work on a new site www.kinkymuscle.com

In 2015 Its had some serious challanges, but things are looking up. With 500 new members online, and a great studio, KinkyMuscle has been GROWING, like my biceps, with a very positive forecast for 2016! Check it out, the site, the Events, and the EXXTRODINARY EXXOTIC and EXXCEPTIONAL MODELS!

As I resume some travels for 2016, I look forward to meeting old, new and renewed fans around the world!

Keep in touch, check back OFTEN as Ill be posting all sorts of great stuff here on www.wild-kat.com


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