Hi.. and Bonjour from the south of France!

In my second home here in Cote d’ Azure, I  adore gazing into the blue sea…morning noon and evening.

Its a mesmerizing kind of surf..not the same sound I hear in Florida, or in the Pacific when I was in Hawaii a few months ago. The noisy rocks wash ashore with each SWOOSH of the sea… a relaxing yet intimidating sound. That was the last thing I heard as I drifted off to sleep…Then this morning I went to one of my favorite places for breakfast. As I was exiting the lift, one step forward and a man entered the lift, pushing me back in and then proceeded to push a button on the elevator as if he was going somewhere. I did not respond physically but I stood in the doorway of the lift and glared at him…saying, “that was really rude, why did you do that?”  His reaction was….”yes, yes…so what!”  So I remained in the doorway to the lft and he could not get the lift to proceed as my blocking the door prevented it. he then pushed his way passed me to exit the lift…at which time I gave him a swift kick in the balls from behind. I did not make full contact, but nicked his balls with my shoe. he crouched down and pushed the button to summon the lift. When the other door opened, he entered and so did I…standing in the doorway again…the lift unable to move. He looked up at me, one hand on his crotch…and said, “ok, ok…. Im sorry!” My response was..

“Thank you!”  and I walked into the room where I proceeded to have breakfast.

Another day in the life of a POWERFUL STRONG WOMAN. Sipping my coffee…watching the sea.

Kat xxx

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