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Well…working my way up the east coast visiting fans along the way is always a fun time. Im driving up so its always interesting to stop at odd places and get a drink and a pee….  where are you submissives when I need to pee while driving? See, now THAT would be a good time to get a mouthful…make yourself useful!!

I spoke with some people about this new development in the Female Bodybuilding world, as it was rcently announced that there is no onger FBB at the Arnold…Ms International as it was called!!

I am an experienced 10 yr veteran promoter with the NPC , Judge and Competitor. I know what it takes to promote a successful Bodybuilding Event and I think the promoters of these events are caving… as a promoter, YOU get to decide what events you want, and how your event will be run, and how they money gets spent. Unless you are playing political games, kiss ass games, or whatever is needed to try and suck up to people in higher positions, all of course with intentions to be engraciated to them later down the road. Of course all  this leads to the political games which undermines the foundation, which is exactly what has happened with the Bodybuilding Sport. There is nothing wrong with growing and expanding the arena, but to actually bad mouth the sport that gave those same people a JOB…a show to be promoter of… and a show to sell your products to the athletes of that very sport….

I venture to say that all the FBB fans need to abandon their fruitless efforts with the people who do not care, and join together and support a new FBB Federation. Its just that plain and simple.

Please email me with your comments on this subject….

Now, go and look at those naughty pictures of me kicking ass, squeezing and smothering, and get your muscle fix!!

have you read my New BEDTIME STORIES, in the VIP area??  Very naughty indeed….

Kat xx

If the Female Bodybuilders out there do not see the writing on the wall…they are blind. They have already told us that Physique will be replacing Bodubuilding back in 2011, and they are following suit…its going in that direction. If they want to be in denial about it, its their choice…but that is the truth

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